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Sounds good. I'm not trying to be disagreeable because I'm not a Corvette fan and I love 911s(though I have never owned one). I envy you having a Turbo S. I was debating between that and the upgraded GTR and just couldn't rationalize the extra money for a slight performance gain and that the 991 is right around the corner.
I'm with you. I try to keep it civil. To be honest, I do not own a Turbo S but a few of of my cars and coffee buds do. I had a GT3, which I actually think provides a more inspiring drive than the Turbo models. That is not to take anything away from them as they provide awesome acceleration and are daily driven by a lot of folks. I miss the GT3 but like so many of us car guys like to own different types of cars. It had exceptional build quality, interior (never a rattle), and the paint job was fantastic. It was also a blast to drive. I look forward to owning a GTR to experience the many great aspects I hear it has to offer. And yes those are Vette posters on the walls. They were gifts from my Dad from back in the day. LOL. He is a Vette fanatic and is still trying to get me to join the dark side.
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