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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
There is a reason the Veyron is 1.5 million dollars. And it is not its 0-60 time.

Also, it would be helpful to indicate which Corvette you have owned when talking about performance.

On a final note, I would indeed feel comfortable pulling up next to a $165k Turbo S in a $90k GTR.
Regarding the Veyron, you are correct. It is constructed of far more exotic materials and components, not the least of which is its powerplant. And, of course, the Porsche will not do 253-258mph. As I said in another post, the Porsche can give you a similar sensation of acceleration up to a certain point.

As far as the Corvette goes, I have only owned a base model. However, my old man owns a Will Cooksey Z06 and a '10 ZR1. I have seat time in both. I'll admit that they both provide very good acceleration and handle quite well. They are indeed a great bang for the buck car. In my opinion, they just do not have the build quality of the Porsche. It is no accident that Porsche has been at or near the top of J.D. power quality surveys the last several years. Again, I respect the Corvette but prefer Porsche.

On the GTR, see my two previous posts. It wasn't included in the gentleman's post to whom I responded. As I said, I am considering it as my next purchase. Pulling up next to a Turbo S at a stop light would almost come down to driver skill. However, I'd still give the edge to the Turbo S stock to stock.