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Originally Posted by 737Drvr View Post
You are correct about the 0-60 being narrow and I think it would depend on the track you placed the cars. I was merely pointing out that on economies of scale the Germans are capable of producing a car that has "bang for the buck." Of course, the Porsche is no Veyron but provides the same sense of acceleration to a certain point--especially when speaking of street driving. If you want to get right down to it, I believe the car in your picture provides the the best bang for the buck available right now. It is on my short list of the next car I would like to own.

Sounds good. I'm not trying to be disagreeable because I'm not a Corvette fan and I love 911s(though I have never owned one). I envy you having a Turbo S. I was debating between that and the upgraded GTR and just couldn't rationalize the extra money for a slight performance gain and that the 991 is right around the corner.

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