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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I agree with you, but Id like to add that when you get to the level of performance that these car have, fractions of a second of better performance are going to cost you a lot of money.
Is a Veyron really 16X better than a GTR? Is it 10X better than a turbo S? Is it 5X better than a 458 italie?
You cant simply look at price because some manuf. sell cars at a loss (Veyon and GTR being examples of this). They will in all likelihood never recover the costs of R&D on such cars. Furthermore, things like the fact that the GTR is built here in the US makes it easier to price less. It doesnt have to go through customs or be shipped overseas or do any of the things imported cars do so far as getting here. And lets not forget, they will make far more Z06s than they ever will turbo S'. While Porsche might make 3-5K turbo S worldwide, Chevy will make 5-10X more Z06s. Again, spreading cost on the amount of cars made surely favors the company that will make more car with regards to pricing. Same reason why the M3 is only 70K when the RS5 will likely ring in close to 100K even though they have about equal performance.
I agree that the higher the performance level, the more fractions of a second matter. that was exactly my point - there's no hard numbers for what constitutes doubling another car's performance. it's an impossible concept.

with respect to pricing, first off you can't look at performance alone. that's one dimension of a road car. quality, practicality, longevity, style, brand, exclusivity, etc. all play a role. furthermore, the manufacturer's cost on a car is irrelevant - the market price is all that matters.

and sure, a low-production car will fetch a premium, but that's not because the manufacturer can't afford to sell it for less (i.e. because it doesn't have the cost efficiencies of higher production volumes). It's because consumers are willing to pay a premium for the exclusivity.