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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
After reading articles like this, and after seeing the new releases at the Jacob Javits auto show, I realize more and more that BMW is falling behind every year.

For example, I swore all the "bmw-haters" were wrong by saying the interior of the M3 is garbage (mine is fully loaded with fr extended leather and cf trim), but when I went to the auto show and sat in the isF and new C63, I realized that they were right and it really is nothing special

BMW has to step up, and step up without turbos but rather bigger displacement !
i was at the javits show today. i rather have M3 performance than worry about the glitz on the inside. M3 is the car they are all chasing and havent caught yet. i loved that 4 door aston martin. wow what a beautiful car and the concept lotus too.