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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Exactly where I am sitting now between the two
I can only hope they will give the 5DIII the AF out of the 7D or 1D. I don't plan on using either for video, so I am keeping that out of the equation. Just going to use it for theater,landscapes and jet planes. Buying both is just not going to happen.
I picked up the 7D mainly because i was trying to do a lot of sport application with the 5DII and the auto focus just wasn't where i wanted it to be, but i learned tricks to avoid the problems, if the sports i was taking pictures of didn't have a predefined course, that might have been a different problem altogether as i was prefocusing before the subject reached it's mark. I also wanted it for the missed opportunities being recovered by the fast frames persecond, so if my timing was too early or too late, i had 2x as many shots to get the right one in rather then coming up with no shots at all.

but a good chunk of the time i ended up using the 5D anyhow because i had gotten so used to the trigger weight and the full frame with the lenses i already have.

so if i've been taking pictures of birds or stuff like that, i've been using the 7D mostly because of it's focus and the clarity and reach since i have so much more light to work with.

but walking around disney and such, i would use the 5D just because of the full frame sensor, and when going in buildings i had the better ISO handling.

They are both great cameras, the 7D addresses short commings of the 5DII.

I find the 7D doesn't handle changes in white balance as well, they tend to look a little off compared to the near perfect white balance on the 5D

it's a bitch adjusting from APS-C sensor to full frame when you're using the same lens on each camera... you get used to one focal length, and then it changes so much when you switch body.

I do like the natural vignetting that occurs with the 5DII and the extra DOF the full frame sensor allows you the use of.

hope these things help.

Dcstep shoots both the 5DII and 7D as well, so if you go on his flickr, you can kind of compare and contrast the pictures he's taken, and if he reads this he may have some input too.