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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
The auto focus on the 7D blows the 5DII out of the water, i've experienced what they were talking about with the 5D searching for a focus point a few times. It is anoying (i don't know if you were watching that segment or not) but it's not a make or break situation for me as it's what i learned on, so i know how to cope with it.

However, if i had the 7D first, i would find the 5D autofocus a killer.

The 7D takes a sharper image at 100% crop when at low ISO levels, but if you want still fairly sharp at high ISO, then the 5DII holds it's sharpness much better in higher ISOs

If you're shooting indoors lots, I might recommend the 5DII over the 7D just because of the ISO handling.

if you're doing mostly sporting, go with the 7D
Exactly where I am sitting now between the two
I can only hope they will give the 5DIII the AF out of the 7D or 1D. I don't plan on using either for video, so I am keeping that out of the equation. Just going to use it for theater,landscapes and jet planes. Buying both is just not going to happen.
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