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Long term track use: How are people's cars holding up??

Now that our cars have been out for a while, let's talk about how things are holding up under heavy track use. Has anyone run into any problems with bushings, subframes, engines, power steering, warranty issues etc?

Power steering: My fluid does leak a bit and I have experienced heavy steering after a long session, but everything comes back to normal when the car cools back down.

Brakes: I've gotten them nice and toasty but they are still working for me with proper pads, ss lines and titanium backing plates.

Engine: 30k miles and still going strong. I am able to get the temps up to 3/4 on the dummy gauge after multiple laps but I'm usually slowing down to preserve tires & brakes at that point. No excessive oil consumption or abnormatilies to report.

Bushings & Subframe: No issues to report yet but this worries me the most since I'm one of the 1st people who started using stiff springs. Has anyone had any issues here?


2012 Update:
Wheel bearings: Fronts had to be replaced due to brake pad knockback. Looks as if this will be routine maintence every other year for me.
Brakes: I held in there as long as I could with the stock calipers, but eventually the inner seals seized and with no real warning. Upgraded to BBK for safety reasons and am happy to know that the brakes are no longer the weak link.

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