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Originally Posted by z00m View Post
So after some time new engine and new clutch is on the way. In two weeks should be back in M again.
BMW dealer made 50% discount on new engine. So i guess is not the win in this situacion,but not the worst becouse the car was out of warranty. And this discount is solidarity between dealer and me. BMW in germany did nothing to this. They just said it's out of warranty and did'nt even properly explained what caused that engine failure.
Engine from ebay with no garanties stands about the same price as new one with 50% off from dealer.
The new clutch is like free of charge for me. I insisted coz don't want that chain effect

Anyways can't wait to get back to M, and maybe '11 engine will be running smoother
All in all, sounds like this was taken care of pretty quickly!

Good luck & sounds like you'll be back in business soon!