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Originally Posted by late67 View Post
ttrs is undoubtedly a great car. imho tires play a larger roll in inclement weather abilities than all wheel drive. as mentioned by others, main issues with the car seem to be noise and harsh ride which can both be bothersome on non-spirited drives.
I had a corolla with Blizzacks and it is no where near as good as my WRX or STI with continential all season tires in snow. When you have thick snow, AWD is really not much of an option. If i were to buy a 1M or M3 i'd either keep my STI or buy a used evo8 or suv for the winter.

I was visiting family in London and I had my inlaw take a test drive since he was also interested. He mentioned that the ride was excellent along with the power. He also has a boxster spyder and the C63 perhaps so perhaps nosie wasn't an issue.

Since this will be a daily car noise may be an issue along with the entry exit. I was thinking if I don't like it perhaps trade in for a RS5 or a next gen M3 or a M3 E90sedan if it will be the last.