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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
LEDs will always run cooler than a standard halogen bulb or HID.

The use of a proper heatsink as shown in my previous post will keep the LED happy and emitting maximum output.
Yes Tom, the heat sink will keep the LED's cooled but have you ever test them in temperatures in excess of room temp? Let's say +50C or +85C? I assume the LED manufactures can guarantee those specs. Not doubting the design safety but I am wondering if there are proper specs disclosed?

Also for LED's to run bright they need a heat sink or else it will melt itself in an enclosed environment. The current needed to light these LED's are insane.

Standard low beam HID's run at 35W of power, so that equals to ~2.9A (P=I*V) of current with 12V DC. I assume the rings run at a much lower current.

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