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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
I'm sorry, they can step it up all they want. It's still cheap & made in detroit. The second part of my statement cannot be changed, the first part can. No reason why ford/chevy/gm cannot match BMW/Mercedes/Audi's quality.
The two most trouble-free sports cars I've ever owned were ZO6 Corvettes, both C5 and C6 generations. And both were solid and rattle free the day I sold them.The least reliable was my first E46 M3. The next one was better, but no match for the Vette. So far (only 8K miles), the E92 has been back to the shop three times for minor fixes. I would never discourage anyone from buying a ZO6. It's a great car, and will teach more about high performance driving than will ever be learned in an M3; just different cars. The ZO6 is much more challenging to drive well, but very satisfying when achieved.