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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post
why dont you drive off a cliff already? you seem to have a comment about everything. Ford, and GM may not be able to match BMW, Mercedes, and Audi interior quality, but those Krauts will NEVER be able to match the bang for the buck performance like the American cars.

That comment was just idiotic and down-right ignorant. Not only does he think Corvettes are made in Detroit (duh) but I guess he didn't see the latest Consumer Reports Survey for predicted reliability (2011). Ford & (every division of) GM outscored Audi, BMW & Mercedes.

I love my M3 but if suddenly I walked into my Garage and a new Z06 was sitting there in it's place? tears.

What's more, look on YouTube and check out how often a Z06 or (haha) ZR1 get their ass kicked. Hardly ever.
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