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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
After reading articles like this, and after seeing the new releases at the Jacob Javits auto show, I realize more and more that BMW is falling behind every year.

For example, I swore all the "bmw-haters" were wrong by saying the interior of the M3 is garbage (mine is fully loaded with fr extended leather and cf trim), but when I went to the auto show and sat in the isF and new C63, I realized that they were right and it really is nothing special

BMW has to step up, and step up without turbos but rather bigger displacement !
Everybody is saying this. Once the 911 GT2 RS info came out, the Vette guys are already saying the same thing "Corvette needs to step it up". Unless one feels the need to have the fastest car out there or the best interior, one will never be satisfied.

You should not be discouraged by the M3 interior. I just took delivery of my 2011 Grand Sport Vette with the 4LT interior and while the 4LT is as nice as you can get from GM (and acceptable to me), the M3 still has a slightly better interior. I knew that going in and am 100% fine with it....., just saying it (M3 interior) ain't bad.

I am 100% content with the decision I made. I love the styling of my Grand Sport and the performance is fantastic. The 4LT interior is just fine for me for a weekend/fun car. I know a DD is a different story in terms of interior but man the M3 isn't bad at all. Love it for what it of (if not THE) best DDs out there IMO.

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