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Originally Posted by chungdae View Post
I don't live in a fairy tale world. I'm a realist. When you're in the police academy learning how/why speed kills. You have a new prospective on many different things. He's old enough to drive, he's more than old enough to suffer the consequences and penalties. Again, I will repeat it. You should have went to jail.

Good thing we have laws to protect people from officers with short fuses and who like to take things in to their own hands as if they are the law.

Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
would you expect to go to jail if you were speeding at the same rate? do you expect special treatment because you're a police officer?

looking at your sig and seeing your cars and bikes, I can't imagine you obey the speed limits 100% of the time.
Officers do get special treatments. Their wifes and GF's, family members, pets, etc etc.. dont get to go to jail when they get pulled over even for drinking and driving.