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I faced some of the same challenges, OP, as you when I first started working out and my trainer wanted me to shift to six small meals a day. My profession has me in client meetings pretty much all day, so I can't really just break out eating a proper meal, as it were.

After discussing it with him further, however, I found that what he calls a "small meal" is what I would have called a snack. Accordingly, I've found it easy to do the six small meals. My typical day, which starts at 4:30 a.m. consists of:

Breakfast (pre-work out):
Oatmeal and dried fruit with brown sugar and either 2-4 oz of microwaved salmon or a Met-rX protein shake. I may swap out the salmon for leftover shrimp or scallops from the previous night's dinner.

Immediately Post-work out (before showering):
Banana or orange or apple or maybe a Cliff bar

Post work out (after shower and dressing):
Some sort of high protein food. If I'm in a hurry, it's a burrito bowl with black beans, chicken (I used chopped dark meat because it has more flavor and moisture), lots of fresh corn and diced tomato, and lemon juice sprinkled on and mixed in. (I tend to keep this sort of food on hand in the fridge so I can pack it and take it with me. I can heat it in the microwave in the office or eat it cool/room temp.) This is the second largest quantity of food I consume in the day.

Whatever I want so long as it's not laden with fat

Mid Afternoon: (one of the following)
Fresh fruit and some trail mix (about a handful).
PB&J sandwich on whole wheat.
Cliff bar and a piece of fruit or veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, et al)
Nitro-tech chocolate bar

Whatever it is I eat for this meal, it's almost always something I brought from home and that I can safely nibble on even if I'm in a meeting. If fruit, I have it pre-sliced or pre-peeled and in a baggie. I tend to go with sliced apples or pears that have been sprinkled with lemon juice since that way there's nothing left (peels, seeds, cores, etc.) after I've eaten it.

Whatever I want so long as it's not laden with fat. Poached, steamed, microwaved or grilled fish/shellfish or chicken is most common. If I've got time, I'll make baked crab cakes. Occasionally, I have lamb, buffalo, ostrich, or some other game to up the flavor factor and variety. Very rarely, I have beef or pork, less because of dietary reasons and more because it takes more work to cook them and get great flavor, and when I have that kind of time, I prefer the game options since the more tender cuts can be used and they carry less fat than beef. There's certainly lean cuts of beef and pork that are just fine for a healthy diet, but a flank steak, for example, just isn't as pleasing to eat unless it's brined or braised, and pork is best in all cases if it's brined before cooking. I'm not especially fond of turkey, but around holiday time I'll roast a turkey.

Late night:
Same as mid afternoon, if anything at all.

I have to admit that one thing that makes it easy for me to eat right is that there are very few foods I don't like. When all is said and done, I've consumed about 2700-3000 calories each day. I'm 51, six feet tall, 30" waist and weigh 190 pounds and in good health.

One thing that I do swap into the rotation above is sushi. It's one of the few times I'll have white rice. I tend to go for Maguro or Toro, but if you like other types, go for it. Sashimi and smoked salmon are also great alternatives.

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