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Originally Posted by chungdae View Post
I don't live in a fairy tale world. I'm a realist. When you're in the police academy learning how/why speed kills. You have a new prospective on many different things. He's old enough to drive, he's more than old enough to suffer the consequences and penalties. Again, I will repeat it. You should have went to jail.
I am a doctor and I see lung cancer almost on daily bases because of smoking, does this mean I go around telling smokers harshly that they'll get cancer and die??
They are old enough to realize that right?
How about drinking alcohol and liver cirrhosis? if I see you drinking, how would I know if that's your first and last drink Vs drinking a pint of vodka every day, I don't know! Should I warn everyone with a beer in their hand of cirrhosis?
All I'm saying is "Try not to personalize the message" it gets the point across better than having a defensive recipient. Well thatís my opinion; you may see it differently which is fine with me. Take it easy
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