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NYC-based attorney here:

I neither do this sort of work nor know someone who does, but I agree that you should absolutely meet with an attorney, at least for an initial consultation. My feeling is that the only issue at play is the number of points that you may or may not receive; if you are facing a license suspension, be prepared to discuss the importance of the car as it relates to your livelihood: e.g. "without my license, I'll lose my job!" Of course, this must be true, so don't fabricate - these judges aren't stupid. Anyway, a traffic attorney will be able to help you navigate these waters. If you get the impression that you are up shit's creek with or without him (which is usually the case in these very basic matters), then don't retain him and handle yourself.

On a personal note, I can say that I've attempted to "lawyer" some of my own parking tickets / red light tickets (they love to ambush you at confusing intersections, etc. in the city) with little to no avail. It's no secret that the state is broke, I wouldn't expect a lot of monetary-based leniency for Mr. "BMW 2011 M3" - so be prepared to pay. The issue is whether or not you can negotiate a reduction in total points.

Good luck, and try to be mindful of what you do or do not admit to in the public blogosphere

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