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Originally Posted by crazylegs52 View Post
New guy here with question regarding fitment and possible rubbing, etc.
Interested in some 19inch wheels, M6 OEM. Have spoken to two dealers that say they don't fit but have seen a few posts here where people had them on for summer and/or winter tires. Not sure if those were OEM or replica?

The OEM M6 167M wheels are:
F 255/40/19 et12
R 285/35/19 et17
I am looking to fit to a 2011 M3 vert (E93).

Anyone know the truth to this?
Would I have t oalter the wheel well, roll fender, etc.

Need the wheel widths (not just the offsets) to know for sure. however, both the front and rear tires are too tall. the rear might not rub, but the front certainly will at full lock.

there are guys on here who have run OEM M6 wheels no problem. I think they look awesome, btw.

with re: to rolling the fender, the M3's fenders are rolled from the factory, so there's nothing else you can do besides pulling the fender out more, which is a more serious job that requires paint work.