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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
It does not contradict itself. It plainly means tht the c63 and m3 at various speed take the lead away from eachother. The m3 crawled it's way back to beating the c63 by a tenth to 100mph and the c63 edged it out by a tenth through the qt mile with a virtual tie in trap speeds...
You are not familiar with the basic mechanics here. Time to speed is almost completely immaterial in a drag race, and it's also almost completely unrelated to time to distance. What you are in effect saying is that the M3 was even with the C63 at 60, a tiny bit ahead at 100 MPH, and then the C63 leaped ahead by a generous car length (about 16.5 feet) in the next two to three seconds. Not possible, and especially not possible with the same trap speed. Capiche?

I'd be willing to bet important money that the C63 was ahead for the entire quarter mile, based on that paragraph. No biggie, but something for you to think about.