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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post

Motortrend June 2008

With the DCT, the 414-hp M3 closes the straight-line performance gap to the sturm-und-drang 451-hp Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. It'll run wheel-to-wheel with the thundering Mercedes to 60 mph and is a tenth faster to 100 mph. Quicker acceleration off the line gets the gruntmeister Benz to the end of the quarter in a tenth of a second less, but the trap speeds are virtually identical.

No disrespect directed at you, but that paragraph just had to've been penned before the U.K. guy took over at Motor Trend. And thank God he did.

It basically contradicts itself. The bimmer runs wheel to wheel with the Benz to 60, but the Benz is quicker off the line and thus wins the quarter mile battle by a tenth?

How can you be wheel to wheel but be behind for the entire quarter mile from start to finish?

I have no reason to disbelieve Motor Trend when they say that trap speeds were virtually identical between their two cars, but that is emphatically not the norm. Perusing the databases in this forum show that to be true, as well as quarter mile times and trap speeds recorded elsewhere.

As I've said, it's pretty close, but the Merc wins, and wins going away.

Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
There goes your launch control theory. The fact of the matter is that the c63 and the m3 have very similiar 0-60 and qt mile times with nearly the same trap speed. Depending on conditions, driver, altitude, and other variables one car will be faster than the other, but not by much. If ghostrider simply stated that a c63 will most likely edge out an m3 in a straight line race, I wouldn't have bothered posting anything in this thread but that was not the case. He stated something absurd, which you cleverly manipulated various definitions for embarrassing an m3 in a drag race. I don't care how clever you think you are but that statement holds no water in any shape or form.
Can't speak directly for ghostrider, but in my personal world, if one car can very consistently beat another car, the embarrass word is OK. Likewise, the M3 will consistently embarrass the C63 on a road course, even if it's "only" by around a second a minute.

Reasonable people may disagree, but the use of the word "embarrass" in this context is far from absurd. In addition, I'm quite sure that my saying the M3 will embarrass the C63 on a road course doesn't drive you into a rage. Right?

I just used the Car & Driver numbers because they're very careful about zeroing out weather conditions (and have the very best magazine results ever for both the M3 and C63), while God only knows what Motor Trend was doing in 2008. I don't know if ol' Angus was aboard then, but doubt it, or he wouldn't have let that ridiculous paragraph slip through.


PS - Look, my previously stated (and stated, and stated) position about the current M3 is that it's a definite overachiever, but in this one particular area, the C63 has it covered, even though the M3 does slightly better in the power to weight arena and has a quicker, more efficient automatic.