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Originally Posted by NBRider88 View Post
^^ or you could just buy a white housing kit for <$30...why buy a whole new phone that makes ZERO cents. They have been out forever. I have had a white one, blue one, and a red iphone 4. All by changing out housing kit. Super easy.
that's just the rear right?

the front whole kit is about $100+ last i checked cause you need the screen too

Originally Posted by SixBanger View Post
I've had each genre of the iPhone and all of them have been overall ok, but I always seem to have an issue with each phone. I dropped the iphone4 (the phone I have now) about 2 feet with a case and eversince the phone has acted like a bitch. Whenever I need the phone I have to hit the home button twice and the delays and hanging applications is what really pisses me off. And going to the store to have them look it over and tell me its fine because there diagnostics system tells them its fine, I can kill someone I get soo pissed. I've had the original phone since December and I dont want to go in there to get a refurbished phone because I paid a good amount on this phone. So I think im done with the iPhone this time.
I have had no problem changing iPhones.... I'm on my 4th iPhone 4 now lol...

first 2 times I changed cause I had a scartch... last 2 times I had a real issue