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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
when is 3.0 gonna be available? or is that for tablets only?

I want my next phone to be an Android but AT&T has the worst phones
3.0 looks to be a tablet-only OS. They're separating the OS's into tablet and phone branches. Good idea IMO.

If you want an Android phone and live in an LTE area already, just get the Thunderbolt from Verizon. VZW has the corner on LTE bandwidth so it's best to go with them anyway for future coverage superiority.

Plus, they're less douchey than AT&T. Android updates and app availability is much better anywhere except AT&T. Combine HTC support, build quality and update attention, with Verizon's tendency to let you have quicker updates and more freedom with apps, and you're in a much better situation than with the most restrictive carrier (AT&T) and/or sucky OEM (Samsung/Moto).