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Yeah, I used the palm of the hand, quick impact method to bust it loose...but because the dealer had mildly stripped the drain allen hex bit was very much lodged into the drain plug...big time! Had a very difficult time separating the allen hex bit from the drain plug and ultimately had to damage the drain plug to get them separated.

Of course this was all done over a weekend, so dealers were closed and my car sat for two days in my garage...until I could buy a new drain plug. Silver lining, certainly got a thorough draining of the used oil though. The dealer 5 miles north of me had the drain plug listed at $8 but was out of stock. The dealer 5 miles south of me had it in stock but for $18. So ridiculous. Had no choice at the I had to eat the overage.

I eventually bought the magnetic ones from BavAuto. The picture is very blown up. The size of the drain plug is comparable to the OEM one and the head of the plug you speak of does not present a ground clearance issue. It stays recessed within the skid plate.

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