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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
How many meals are you eating in a day? Reasoning behind it?
It varies, but I'd say about 4-5. I don't really snack that often. Work at a gym. Have a smoothie/wrap shop literally next door. I just get my meals in when I can.
Originally Posted by pinmagic View Post
These are great right out of the pouch - add some low fat chips, crackers or pretzels, and you have a decent lunch, easy. Low calorie - low fat. No draining required. Best flavors are Tomato Pesto and Hickory Smoked.Sunkist Tuna Pouches
Dude, this is exactly what I've been using for the past couple of months. Hickory smoked ftw.
Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
I heard pemmican was pretty badass as well. I need to try this as a snack!
I think Pemmican's a little overpriced for jerky. :/

Originally Posted by Genro757 View Post
Have you tried these paleo kits, great snacks, I had them with me in Afghanistan and were great snacks and compact to take out on patrols with me
Those look a little too extreme for me tbh lol.
Originally Posted by ADV.1 Matt View Post
All great suggestions... one other thing a lot of people skip over is... drink 16oz or more of water if you're getting hungry. It typically does the trick for me and quells the hunger until my meal.
This helps a LOT. Good post.
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