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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Talk about an "oh shit" moment....
not joking!

I had something similar happen. Had a 4,000lb trailer hooked up to my truck with a large hot tub on top of it, so probably close to 5,000lbs hooked up. Stopped at a stop sign in the middle of a long uphill grade. Sitting at the stopsign all of a sudden the brake pedal went to the floor, truck started going backwards quick. Luckily no one behind me. I hit the gas hard, transmission was pissed about having to stop the backwards movement with that much weight but it didnt fail. Was able to gas it to the top knowing I had no brakes. Luckily found a flat area at the top and slowed to a crawl w the parking brake which was on its way out too.....barely was able to stop the truck from 10mph w the parking brake. Stopping it on that hill would have been futile.

Then took about 10 deep breathes and called a tow truck. Metal brake line blew.

that sucked.


back to the story, glad Ford jumped on the issue, hopefully it never happens again.