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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
Another member in this thread said that a c63 will embarrass an m3 in a straight line race, which is simply not true, and I was replying to that ridiculous comment. 2011 m3's that have recently been tested with zcp and dct have ran qt mile times that are very similiar to the c63 with very similar trap times as well. So when I read a stupid comment like that, I'm not gonna hold back and keep my mouth shut.
Three points:

First, you said that the M3, suitably equipped, could run fender to fender with a C63. That's incorrect. The quickest and fastest M3 (that I know of) ran 12.4 @ 114 mph while in Car & Driver's possession. The same magazine tested a C63 and got 12.3 @ 116, and, more recently, the 481 HP model at 12.3 @ 117. As I've mentioned, that's close, but no cigar. Furthermore, the C63 is pulling away nicely at the finish line. I assume the M3 benefits from its launch control in such a contest, but trap speed is indeed very important. I'd like to see your evidence that the M3 can provide similar trap speeds.

Second, you said "...m3's (sic) that have recently been tested..."

Please tell me where those tests have recently shown up. I only know of the one I mentioned, and I'd genuinely like to know about other similar times that have been published.

In short, please back up your assertions.

Lastly, I have no idea what your idea of "embarrass" means in a drag race. To some, that may mean the C63 consistenly wins, while to others, the car would have to be in a different zip code by the time the M3 hits the finish line in order for that term to apply.

Why get vexed over a single word?

Looking forward to hearing from you about your assertions - which, if I wasn't clear, I'm challenging.