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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
During my first session with DSC off, I spun out and created a 5 figure repair bill.

So, don't turn DSC/MDM off just because the M3Post people tell you to. Ask yourself if you are ready for it and if learning how to drive at a more advanced level is worth totaling your car.

Of course, there are smart ways to mitigate "the ifs in life", such as learning to drive on a skip pad, or driving DSC off on tracks/part of tracks with safe run offs, or just buy track insurance...

...which is what I did.
I have read this entire thread, and are a track novice. I have been to a few professional schools, but no one is paying me to drive for them, and in my world, if your not being paid, you're an amateur which to me pretty much means novice.

With my experience on the table I have to make one point: so many people love to claim they are instructors, and I believe each one of them is an instructor, but at what level is my question? They all throw out fancy credentials (no offense intended), but I know some pro-hockey coaches who still can't hold a job in the NHL for very long and flat out (I don't have the heart to tell them) just aren't as good as they think they are.

For me, I try to find the best instructor I can find at HPDEs and driving schools and beg them to ride with me THE WHOLE TIME. Why? Because I ain't a pro, and the only way to learn is TO LEARN. I always request the instructor do a hot lap with me in THE PASSENGER SEAT so that I can watch and FEEL what a good lap, with a controlled car feels like. I never fail to learn something new, no matter how insignificant that new info may seem to some.

With all do respect to Lucid and a bunch of others whose opinions I GREATLY RESPECT, I think turning off the nannies with a car that doubles as your DD is crazy. If you can afford a huge repair bill, you can afford a used Mazda 3 modded a bit for the track or a use e46///M modded for the track. I think "what is the point of taking on the risk when this is not the way you make a living? What about the loved ones who have to deal with the stress if something happens to you?

To equate it on a level more might understand, I'm a hardcore skier, and without sounding cocky, I should have gone pro, but never considered it more than a hobby, didn't want to spend my life on the slopes. But I love it, and I'm damn, damn good it. But, I still don't go off "trail" or "moutain".....why? Not because I can't handle it, but because out of a hundred times, one of those times I'm going to make a mistake or something out of my control will happen......because I'm human and that is life. Am I risk adverse? Hellllll noooooo. Just ask my friends who think I'm nuts, but I realize I have a wife at home, siblings and friends and my employees who count on me being there Monday morning, not at an ICU. So I believe in calculated risk......and not taking it for the sake of taking it.

Don't care how good I am, the best skis are better than me and the best and fastest cars are better than me, that is just a fact of life. So until I get paid, the nannies stay on unless I'm driving someone else's car and there are no walls or places to roll the car a few times.

But that is just my OPINION, and you know what they say about those....


"'s not about the money and not about the brand of the car, it's about handling,performance and passion......And that, no other car has all together like an M3........when you talk about the most complete car the M is invincible." --Tony Kanaan.

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