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Originally Posted by aus View Post
What lip is that?
Can't remember the make, I bought it on this site, though the company has since disappeared

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Looks great, but not sure about using the Eibach's only in front.
A valid point but one I looked into before doing it. I can't go too low on the car as a result of road humps in the UK and my lip which even now gets occasionally catches the road if I go to quickly over them. I wanted the car to be dropped evenly front and rear. If I had also fitted the rear springs I would have maintained the rear heavy OEM stance.

The lowering is slight, 1/2" or so. Because the springs retain a very OEM feel and by maintaining the same suspension travel with the shaved mounts and E36 stops you can't tell any difference in ride quality. I also had the car on a handling day at an air field a couple of weeks ago, this involved controlling 80mph slides amongst other things and the car was fantastically balanced - as it was on a similar day before swapping them - so there is no change obvious to me as a result of the front only springs.