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Originally Posted by FLMS View Post
I'm anxious to see how things play out as well! The GTS spec line is a little hard to understand though?!? GTS bits are impossible to come by I believe. The DCT reliability is a big unknown. They are going to have to make some serious concessions for the E46's I think. If they decide to cut weight for the E46 M a couple hundred pounds that might be the even hotter ticket! Gonna be a fun season!
I think the more likely scenario is that they leave the current T2 frontrunners alone and monitor the situation for the rest of the season with more changes in the winter, using the rationale that the lighter cars are probably more competitive at tracks that aren't Road America. The 5.0 and E92 will obviously be much faster at RA with good development and driving, there's just way too much straightaway. This has the side benefit of giving Ford a big win to put in their marketing materials if the cars are developed fast enough.

That fuel cell location might be problematic under the Touring ruleset. Might be able to make a convincing case to the T-SS for an allowance for trunk-mounted cells a'la ITS E36 though, especially since a bunch of Grand Am chassis run with the cell there and the stock tank is a saddle-type tank. Crossovers from other sanctions are always a good reason to allow safety modifications that don't impact performance. I bet it would pass tech since it's not really their job to ensure compliance beyond a car built to the minimum safety requirements, but I think it'd lose a protest if somebody threw paper.

Does that bar between the rear shock towers tie in to the cage mounting plate or is it welded directly to the chassis?

After seeing pics of the car and with the $$$ engine in mind I think it might be better to sell the car as-is and start over with a Touring build in mind, got any spare E92 bodies-in-white laying around?

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