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Thanks for all the useful comments, guys!

Right now I have a '09 328xi Coupe that was made-to-order in December 2008. I leased it for $615 per month with about $3000 down (I think... I can't remember any more). I don't know if I was taken for a ride or not, but in any case...

DimaBimmer... thanks for your useful comments!! I will call up Tenafly BMW, as I usually work in the Englewood/Tenafly/Alpine/Closter area... my lease ends in 12/2011 and would love to get out of it as early as I can (I'm guessing BMWFS will let me get out 90 days ahead) and into a 335is or M3 (again, 2dr or 4dr - don't know yet).

Looking to lease for 27 or 36 months with 15k miles per year.

Any other suggestions (other than what's been posted)? Thanks, guys!!! You guys rock!!!
I'm deciding between an M3 (don't know if Coupe or Sedan) and a 335is. I found this thread by ways of G*ogle... definitely learned a lot in the few minutes of reading through all the posts. Thanks for helping out a fellow follower!!