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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
I can buy you 4GBs of ram for $100 and I can buy 4GBs of ram for $400.

Every time i go to bestbuy to buy something i go by the laptop section and see what new stuff they have. 9/10 laptops feel like shit. The screen feels like its plastic and most of them you can actually push in.

Think of it this way. Would you rather have an M3 or an Evo fixed up to be the same speed. It's not just the specs, its the overall experiance
That's why I said quickly browsing best buy, where I would not buy from.

Also how do you know if you are getting the 400$ 4 gigs of ram in your mac, and how do you know you aren't getting it in your pc? Regardless you said you are getting junk but it's all quality brands. Even if you were getting the same 4 gigs but not nearly as fast like I said earlier 90% of mac purchasers are buying the name because they won't be utilizing the full potential of the mac and its glorious 400$ ram.