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not surprised on the front - I'm running the same size tire (although I'm running PS2's) and it rubs very slightly on the driver side when I have the wheel cut all the way to the right. it's just the overall diameter of 255/35/19 that causes it, because I have a different set of wheels with 265/35/18 (wider but shorter - also PS2's) that don't rub at all.

on the rear, that sounds tough. I went through a bit of this there's another guy on here with the same offset and tires who doesn't rub (Fastrack). I reached out to him because I went through some of this myself. Where are you rubbing? Maybe you can trim that rear bumper tab (where the rear bumper meets up with the upper fender).

no point in posting my specs as I ended up having my fenders pulled to run a wider tire.

post some pics of the new wheels!