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Rub / No Rub Index

I just mounted a new set of wheels and tires along with installing the Dinan Stage 1 with camber plates. I did a good amount of research and asking questions and in the end was fairly certain I would not have rubbing issues. Well, I do rub...albeit slight. So, I thought I'd start this thread and perhaps it would be a good single source for those interested this topic. Here are my specs...

Car: 08 E92

Wheels w/ Offsets: HRE P40S - (F) 19x9 +25, (R) 19x10.5 +25

Spacers: None

Tires / Miles: Yoko Advan 08 - (F) 255/35/19, (R) 295/30/19; New Tires

Suspension: Dinan Stage 1 with camber plates

EDC Setting: Normal/Sport

Alignment: (F) -1.7 camber 1/16" toe (R) -1.5 camber 1/8" toe

Fender Modifications: (F) None (R) None

Rubbing?: (F) Yes, both sides, just barely kissing the liner on full lock (R) Yes, both sides, outside of tires rubbing the plastic nub on the wheel well liner mostly on bigger bumps at speeds over 40mph. Sounds nasty...and as you would expect rubs less frequently on Sport. Hopefully after some miles on the tires and the plastic nub wearing down it will stop.

Hopefully there aren't too many other variables to consider in order to get a good sense of what you can expect when sizing up new goodies. Man I love this car.



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