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Originally Posted by solaraxis View Post
When I turn the wheel all the way to the left, the right tire it will start to rub in the front part of the wheel well liner and the left tire, the rubbing will occur on the rear part of the left wheel well liner. And vice versa when I turn the wheel all the way to the right. Its totally touching the liner and I have noticed that there are tire rubbing marks already and I have only driven on these wheels for less than 100KM.
As others have said, different brands (and likely tire models within brands) have different profiles and slightly different sizes (overall diameter). The comments of others on this site leads me to believe that PS2's and the OEM Continental's are on the rounded shoulder and perhaps smaller size overall of the 255/35 - 275/35 tire size ranges. As a specific example; My Vredestein 255/35's on 19X9 et22 wheels touch the fender liner at full lock on the rh front and barely clear in the other full lock positions.

Spacers won't help. Spacers lengthen the arc that your wheel & tire travel though as they are turned (tire moves further forward and aft).