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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
I've tossed all those thoughts around in my head
and I've come up with the next body will be the 7D for AF or 5D II/III for low light/landscape. I will typically only do landscape or wildlife/planes. IQ and AF are very high on my list of needs, along with more pixels on the screen to check focus. The 240k on the 40D sucks big time.
yeah, i'm curious to see what features the next camera will have if it's the 5D III or if they do another D model and keep the 5D mkII around for a little longer.

but the rear display definitely spoils the user... It's no longer just for a review, it's a decision maker and deal breaker for a shot.

I shot a couple of times with my ex girlfriends old D80 with the 240k, and a lot of the time you just go "oh... well looks acceptable, i'll see when i get home"

where as the new displays it's either "keep" or "delete"