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Originally Posted by FDfranklin View Post
Pretty sure you don't know what your talking about on what I underlined. Maybe dell or HP, but like I said you can't think of all PC's falling under those shitty companies.

This is just a realllly quick search using mac store and best buy.

15-inch: 2.0 GHz

2.0GHz quad-core
Intel Core i7
4GB 1333MHz
500GB 5400-rpm1
Intel HD Graphics 3000
AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5
Built-in battery (7 hours)2


16-inch: 2.0ghz
2.0ghz quad-core
Intel Core i7
640GB 5400rpm
Intel HD Graphics

The only huge difference spec wise is the graphics card, which they have the same thing (asus) with an aftermarket video card for 999.99.

If your an average user or even an above average user/gamer your paying for the brand name/ios.
You're looking at it a bit too simplistically. The same SPECS do not mean the same quality of the parts themselves. I haven't followed macs in ages, but years ago they had the same specs as the PC equivalent, but the quality of the parts blew PCs outta the water. My *assumption* that is the Mac parts are still above the PCs by a measurable amount.

Now is the quality of the parts worth a grand? hell no. You are paying a premium for the name.