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Originally Posted by siriusinvestor
Well you also seem to be driving a BMW as well. I mean come on what the hell do you drive a BMW for if your calling people here "Snobs"? Don't tell me you drive a BMW and you call your self "Humble" If I wanted to be humble I would have purchase a freaken Kia.
I drive a BMW because I like the car's feel and drivability. The X is my wife's car (AWD SUV for the kid). I currently drive an A4, prior to that, a Integra, prior to that, a Toyota Pickup and a 325ci. Of all the cars that we own, we have owned a 2003 E500, 2003 X5, 2000 A4Q2.8, 2002 325ci, a 2000 Integra, and a 1998 toyota pickup, and a 1995 Accord.

When we owned the E500 (total MB garbage quality), I regularly drove my pickup truck (best and most reliable machine I've ever owned). In terms of self image, I didn't care if someone saw me in the E500 or the pickup.

So you can be humble and drive a nice car. It's your attitude about yourself and others.