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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
I use Shell V power all the time with better results than Petro Can (Suncor now you know). Shell is recommended by BMW too.

I do not use Husky due to the high ethanol content.

Why no luv for Shell?
Interesting observation, Glenn. The only times I have ever used Shell is if out of town, and even then, I circle like a vulture waiting for another high end car (or any car for that matter) that finished a fill with V-power Gold to leave and then I jump in. But, I would still say that I have had better results running in terms of sheer mileage on PetroC Supreme. What is your measuring stick?

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lol true

Now voting Liberal though.....mmmmmmeh
Don't even get me started. I think all three party suck ass. Harper is the closest to fascism that we have or likely ever will come. Unfortunately, both the other alternatives just don't understand the importance of this province and the oil industry to the prosperity of not only Alberta, but Canadians as a whole.

Too many f***ing idiots running this country.