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Originally Posted by drey View Post
Get off your high horse people - if you drive an M3 you know how easy it is to exceed the speed limit by 40mph or more. Shit, in light traffic an M3 driven at 120 is safer than some old beater traveling 65, so lighten up on the judgement and give the OP a CONSTRUCTIVE opinion on his situation, if you have one...
No high horses from fellow posters and clearly no logic nor CONSTRUCTIVE opinions from you. OP has been advised to get a lawyer which I suspect he already knew he needed. Unfortunately he has also been told that he probably will lose his license. That sucks, but if it saves his, or someone else's life down the road, than it'll be worth it. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

And I'm sorry, but exceeding the speed limit by 40 MPH in a densely populated urban area takes work, and is asking for tragedy.