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Originally Posted by Eau Rouge View Post

1. The German market is hardly up to representing the bulk of the world's domestic markets to conclude that indeed BMW pricing (minus tax) is such, perhaps even discriminatory if you will, that US customers are getting a better deal on the backs of non-US customers.
2. Larger markets, and the USA is the largest BMW market, present large businesses with the luxury of being able to reach their profit goal with smaller profit margins per unit sold.

Smaller markets. for their part, leave a business in a position of seeking higher profit margins per unit sold. Given the disparity between the German and US market, it may well be that the sheer amount of profit BMW makes in the much larger US market is used to subsidize pricing of BMW's sold in Germany. Imagine that!
OK, my last post regarding this matter, because again you fail to back your false arguments with numbers.

In 2010, BMW sold most of its cars where: Right, in Germany. 266,009 units, to be precise. Followed closly by the second largest market: USA, with 265,757 units sold. China coming in as third with 168,998 cars sold. The fourth largest market btw. is another European country: UK, with 157,312 units sold. (source:

All of the last named 3 alone pay more for the same car (again taxes and import duties left aside, converted to EUR) as US buyers.

So please stop trying to convince others the U.S. market isn't in any way subsidized by other countries.