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Originally Posted by aznbenz07 View Post
I hate when people state opinions like these and have no grounded basis, it's just ignorant.

If I may, I've got an evo 10 and a 328xi (awd fanatic) and the evo gets so much more attention with merely a 1 inch drop. People on this forum always argue with me saying that their 3 series would get much more attention then my "Jap crap" and I'm just dumbfounded at the ignorance. My 3 series is just 1 of 800 that I see on a daily commute so it just blends in, so naturally when you see a clean evo 10 or gtr it turns heads. I had my window down at a stop light while in my evo one day and a young lady walking by goes, "Wow is that an Audi?" I laughed and said no it's actually a Mitsubishi lol.

That said, I can understand the allure and prestige that comes with owning say a BMW, Porsche, Maserati, over a Nissan or Mitsubishi there is a certain "it" factor that you feel sitting in a BMW, Porsche or other high end brand but at the end of the day... To each his own, I don't need the approval of others even though I get it just as much attention in my Japanese car.

Also, "NINE" I'm curious... Someone asked you what you drive and you never answered. What do you drive?

X is a good looking car. Especially the dark gunmetal color...
Man, that thing is killer. One of the best looking cars on the road.

However, I've noticed that the e92's benefit a lot from cosmetic mods - more so than most cars. Even after having one and getting bored of the looks, I still see some head turners.