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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
If he has one expensive, high strung toy, why buy another? If he is happy with the GTI, there are plenty of cars other than a fender flared, hood bulging 8400 rpm redline M3 that should make him happy. Is he going to tell the people at work that his 997 C4S has a list price starting at $93,000, but his M3 has a list price starting at only $59,000? If he does not want to attract attention, he should buy a more common model of car that does not attract attention.
Do you honestly think he goes around and tell the price of his car? lol.

The point is that nobody at work knows he has one (He has is own business and people working for him are not personal friends, so they don't know about the Porsche and he want to keep it that way).

I'll tell him to look at the 1M. Thanks for the replies!