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Originally Posted by drey View Post
Get off your high horse people - if you drive an M3 you know how easy it is to exceed the speed limit by 40mph or more. Shit, in light traffic an M3 driven at 120 is safer than some old beater traveling 65, so lighten up on the judgement and give the OP a CONSTRUCTIVE opinion on his situation, if you have one...
Yeah, I "know how easy it is to speed" in my M3 but does not make it an excuse for being within 9 MPH of traveling at double the posted speed limit. The temptation is always there, but if you are going play, then expect to pay when you got. I would consider that constructive advice for anyone on this board.

There are far too many factors (weather, road surface, driver ability, traffic, animals) that can individually or collectively go wrong at that speed to end in tragedy, even on the Autobahn which is "built for speed" and with a large population of drivers that can actually drive and know the rules of the road for passing.

Speed is always with risk, and the OP came out on the negative side. My "constructive" advice to the OP would be get a lawyer and hope for the best.
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