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Originally Posted by z00m View Post
News: Piston went through engine block. My fault as a driver was not found and all necessary information is send to BMW in Germany. Now is waiting only
Newbie here, feeling your pain. I bought an 08 M3 with 28k on the clock and all records since new. Less than 1 month later, and it is sitting in the service bay of the local dealership, with an "engine problem" also.

Took 1 road trip that put about 275 miles then back & forth to work, adding another 450 or so miles. After work one day, the car was idling a bit rough and a "service engine soon" light came on. I tried driving it back to the dealership, but it made a scary (like a piece of metal fell out & hit the road) noise and died. Service rep as of last week said they submitted this to wherever claims go, and they were waiting to hear if I was (a) going to get a new engine or (b) have mine "rebuilt" or "worked on".

I read somewhere else that someone on here was out of their car (less than 10k on that one) for about 3 months. I hope my case is resolved sooner.

At least it was fun to drive for almost 4 weeks, and I still have pictures!

Good luck to the OP with your case.