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all of my observations are in relation to the e90. I love the fact that with 4 doors I can go to a track and drive the kids home while stopping for groceries. There's lots of discussion about compromises, performance vs. civility and I think this is where the M3 really is in a class all by itself. I for one will most likely never drive the ring and if anyone can recommend a track even half the length of the ring in the states then i'll give it up to a cts-v but on american tracks, almost never longer than 4 mi., that car is too big and its weight really shows. As a car my wife can drive to work, I can run errands with, and keep up with porsches and even v10 r8's (I mean beat R8's, I know cause i was faster all weekend than one, and that also goes for vettes and porsches too) ,makes this an unbeatable package IMO... I know, same driver those cars are faster, but they don't have 4 doors for 2 car seats and enough boot space for the stroller! This is the PERFECT car for ME or any other daddies who can't have just 2 doors and want a bit o' weekend fun, the c63 is a different car, not as focused for track duty but probably better as a GT car. I'm happy with my purchase, are you???
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