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Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
it is not about can't or don't want... it is doing at a price point that they can sell.

Same reason the Honda does not bring Type Rs to North America... not enough people will buy a 30k civic...

not enough people will buy 100k M3s

but enough people will buy 200k limited run 911s

it is pure economics
Exactly! This decision is a sign that the cost to homologate/federalize the lightweight E90 M3 for the US would make it so expensive as to NOT make business sense (i.e. selling it at a price point where they can sell enough).

BMW like any other auto company is a business afterall, and their decisions have to make business sense at the end of the day. If bringing the lightweight E90 M3 to the US made business sense, we'd surely see it here.
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