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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post

OK I'll tell you the real reason God must exist. Intelligent design is the only possible way that life came about. I'm not buying that I was nothing more than a puddle of amino acids however many million years ago.
Well, I agree with you that you were not a puddle of amino acids many million years ago. You were that puddle less than 100 years ago and will eventually go back to that state again (as will I and all other people on earth). There are things we cannot explain and will never be able to. Intelligent Design is a creation of human ego and reluctance to recognzie that we are no better than any animal, tree, or a piece of soil. Who designed God? Another onmi-potent architect or a morbid human brain? Humans are both "blessed" and "cursed" with having abstract mentality, which plays tricks on us all the time. In this sense, human kind is a strange experiment of nature.