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As other's stated DL and Ins. card if nothing else find a car online first and call the dealer it's located at. For $25K and from what it sounds like your friend will be keeping this car for a good while so my #1 concern would be the length of warranty or CPO (certified preowned warranty). I'm sure after fixing his current car those many times the last thing his parents want is to purchase a newer car and then have to pay for unexpected mechanical/electrical breakdowns all over again. With that being said don't know about the rest but BMW has one of the best warranties out there when it comes to preowned. Factory warranty is 4yr/50K miles and after that the CPO warranty kicks in which covers you another few years (2 years not 100% sure though) or 100K miles whichever comes first. Hyundai's warranty is also pretty good but from personal experience their cars just suck because of the cheap parts they use to keep price down.
Also when it does break down Hyundai doesn't have loaner cars to offer like BMW does.
Wife and I purchased another BMW for her because of the above reasons. Definitely something for your friend and his parents to consider. Tell your friend to not get caught up on the "newness" of whatever car he test drives but to consider the above factors as well. His parent's pocket book will thank him if not just take him with you next time your 1 goes in for service I'm sure he won't get that treatment at other lesser car brands. Hope this helps!