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Thank you friends! I appreciate the posts a lot!

Transplant +9 days

Here's my update for today-

Very early morning I was woken from my nurses saying- "your platelets are very low... At 4am a transfusion is scheduled"

It's not random since it's happened at least about 4 times this month if I can't remember. There's no risks for this showing up since I always just go back to sleep and I'll wake up until around 9-10am.

Next which is the best part-

My white cells (WBC) dropped down last weekend which is a good thing for it to drop off as low to 0.0. But it never zeroed.

Wednesday I bounced up to 0.3 and kept at 0.3 for Thursday-

This early morning my labs showed up that my WBC bounced up to 0.5 (500) which is a huge bonus. My doctor predicts that my WBC should make up to 1000 until Sunday which is actually my birthday. I will then be done being completely isolated in my room so I can walk around the hallways and however using the gym here too.

This all basically means my transplant is running into the engraftment so my WBC can run up to 8k-12k.

I may be discharged early since I've been told that I've been in the 98% percentage how well my labs have been without any issues I've been in the transplant floor. I hope I can go home by next weekend since it's pretty boring being isolated after weeks.